sexta-feira, 15 de março de 2013

Margaux Lonnberg

Hi! :)

One of Margaux’s favorite tattoos reads: To create is to destroy. She finds alluring the idea that, in the end, you eventually destroy all of the things you create. Margaux has parents who are part Danish, Swiss, Czech, and French and spent almost as much of her childhood in Paris as she did in Morocco. Margaux says she is “very European,” but wants nothing more than to live in California. In characteristic denim cut-offs, leather jackets, loose t-shirts, boy’s shoes and no makeup, Margaux feels she has little in common with the typical “French girls” and “fashion people” who follow the latest magazines like a Bible. Despite feeling the need for a chignon to off-set an Mes Demoiselles hippie dress, her hair is a beach-y, tousled, beautiful mess,and “Naked If I Want To” by Cat Power is one of her go-to songs.
It’s always the ones who say they don’t want to pretend to be original who are. Margaux is part of the generation who grew up on Sex and the City and an obsession with Louboutins, but she feels of the status symbol shoes, “Je ne pas de tu.” Instead of kitschy plastic or diamond jewelry, she has a wrist of earthy gemstone bracelets and wears a long t-shirt dress with army boots or a hoodie and jeans with the effortless, edgy quality of a Stones girl. Adverse to “Upper East Side” culture, the aesthetics of a Jim Jarmusch film and the iconic lifestyle of the West Coast skateboarding community, chronicled in Lords of Dogtown, are more Margaux’s speed. Growing up with a rock n’ roll Mom and an art dealer Dad, pushing boundaries is in her comfort zone. Margaux is turning her renegade voice towards making music of her own, and she hopes to travel and see “everything in this world… I am always unsatisfied, I always want things bigger, bigger, bigger. It’s not good,” Margaux excitedly laments. 

I love so much her, she is a great model, looks so natural, i love the white eyebrows and i love the tattoos, so inspiring...

Hope you like it!


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  1. tem uma cara estranha xD mas gosto das tatuagens

  2. adorei o estilo do editorial :D

    Muito obrigada por comentar no meu blog! Estou te seguindo desde já! Se ainda não me segues, peço que sigas meu canal do Youtube e meu blog tb!
    Ah e sempre que atualizar seu blog me avise!

    Beeeijooos e ótima quarta!

  3. Ela é linda, tem um look tão interessante!

  4. Ela tem aquela beleza invulgar que a faz destacar-se! Gostei muito de ver estas fotos :)


  5. Maravilhosa! <3

    Beijos e um ótimo final de semana.

    Seguindo :*

  6. Não a conhecia, que linda :o

  7. Muito obrigada!
    Não a conhecia...é linda e adoro o estilo dela! :)